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How I Spend Less Money On Travel ♥

I am forever being asked how I travel all the time. The way I view travel is that there are two options. You can splurge on a 5* trip once a year, or you can travel on a budget and do multiple trips in a year. There are many ways in which I spend less money on travel and I want to share my tips with those who are new to travelling.

Spending less money on flights
Browse for flights in "incognito mode" which prevents your internet movements from being tracked. This means that the price of the flight will stay the same.

Travel during low season because flights will be cheaper as the demand is lower. Every destination has a different low season. It's cheaper to travel to Europe during the winter (apart from December) and cheaper to travel to South East Asia during the summer (because it is the monsoon season).

Fly with low cost airlines. Yes I know they fly out of regional airports but sometimes a coach journey to the airport can be as little as £5. The key players in Europe are Ryan air, Easy jet, and Wizz air.

Spending less money on accommodation 
Consider using airbnb because it is cheaper to rent a room from a local than stay in a hotel. I booked my first airbnb stay for my trip to Rome in May. It cost me £65 for 3 nights, and the cheapest hotel I could find was £170. See the difference?.

If you are staying in a hotel try not to book something that is in the middle of the city centre. My trick is to book something that is a 15 minute walk away from the central area. You will see the price drop significantly, and you can also burn some calories with that daily walk.

Book a private room in a hostel if you are travelling in pairs or as a group, it tends to work out cheaper than a hotel room. When I went with my friend to Slovenia we booked a private room in a hostel for 2 nights and ended up paying £40 a night (£20 each).

Spending less money on food 

Try to book a hotel that includes breakfast. That is one meal out of the way, and one less cost to be concerned about. It also allows your day to go much smoother because you won't have to scramble around to find a cafe every morning.

Consider having a "supermarket packed lunch". Go to the supermarket before you start your day and buy a sandwich, some snacks, and a drink. This will cost you half the amount you would spend in a restaurant.

Try the street food. Have a bratwurst in Germany, have some pad thai in Thailand, have some frites in Belgium. Street food is often a lot cheaper and tastier than restaurant food. This can be helpful particularly in pricey destinations such as Spain, where there are many markets selling tapas.

Spending less money on attractions 
In most big European cities, all museums are free on the last Sunday of each month. This is something to consider when planning dates. Another way in which you can save money is by visiting the small "less famous" museums. They are usually more authentic and have a cheaper entry fee.

Consider spending time at natural attractions and religious buildings. They are relaxing and most do not cost a penny. I don't remember paying a penny to enter some of the beautiful temples in Northern Thailand. The ones in Bangkok cost money of course, but the further away from the capital city you go, the cheaper the attractions are.

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