Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Monthly Goals: June

June is a perfect month to try and get things done. The sun has started come out and summer is on it's way. I want to change something in each area of my life, which is why I have created categories for my goals. It's easier to keep things simple and have one goal for each category. Lets be honest, nobody will ever stick to a huge list of goals.

My goal is to do a deep clean. My balcony is rarely used because obviously I live in a cold country. But it needs to be cleaned because the weather is getting warmer. A lot of places need a deep clean in my flat to be honest. 

Find a new job. I am planning to leave my job at the end of July because it is a temporary role, and there is no room for growth in the company. I am too hard working to stay in the same position for ever without any progression. I have spent the past week filling out some job applications and writing personal statements. It's so time consuming! 

This is a difficult one. I think my goal would have to be to NOT book any more flights this month. I don't think I should book any more flights until I have found a new job. 

Spend more time at the gym. I joined a couple of months ago but don't have a consistent schedule. It's very hard to find the time because I am working 6 days a week this month, and do long hours in my main job. 

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