Monday, 28 May 2018

My Favourite Things About Spring ♥

The flowers come out. You can see pretty daisies and daffodils blooming in the grass. I have also started buying flowers weekly to put in my kitchen. 

The clothing choices become broad. It feels like the only things you can wear in winter are jumpers, coats, and jeans. To be honest...I started to get VERY bored of these clothes by the middle of December. Spring is great because it's warm enough to have such a wide selection of clothes. You can wear jumpers...dresses...skirts...t-shirts. 

I feel more motivated. I don't know what it is about Spring but it always makes me feel more motivated. This season tends to make me think about what I would like to do before the end of the year. 

It's British tax return season. What is not to love about receiving money back from the government? last year I used my tax return to take 2 nice Summer holidays. A week in Portugal and a few days in Amsterdam. This year I intend to be more wise with the money. 

Many TV shows start their new seasons. I have noticed that Spring is a prime time for television, and many of my favourite shows are starting new seasons/series. 

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