Friday, 20 April 2018

Parading Around Prague ♥

I have just returned from a 3 day trip to Prague, Czech Republic. It was an interesting trip and did not turn out to be what I expected. I enjoyed the city but it did not "wow" me in the way that everybody describes. I guess it has become quite commercialised due to the rapid increase in tourism. Anyway...take a look at some photos from my trip. 

  Day 1
  Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge is one of the "must see" attractions in Prague. I came here on my first day. It is very crowded at all hours...even at 11pm.

  Czech Beer Museum
I also went to the Czech beer museum which was close to my hotel. It is very small with a few rooms to provide you with information on beer making. Then you go down to the bar and get to taste 4 beers (this is included in your ticket). I was a tad "intoxicated" after 2 beers and had to sit there for 40 minutes before finishing the others. 

Dinner at O'che's Bar
I have been curious about Goulash for a while. It definitely exceeded my expectations. It is like stewed beef with bread dumplings. Very very filling!

Day 2 
John Lennon Wall
After dealing with masses of crowds yesterday, I decided to start early on Day 2. I went to the John Lennon wall at 8.30am and it was empty. The wall is absolutely beautiful. 

Love locks
These cool love locks were on a little bridge next to the John Lennon wall. 

Prague Castle
This is the view from Prague Castle. I sat and watched the beautiful red rooftops for a long while. 

Day 3
This is a very quiet area of Prague. It is a fort that has churches, a graveyard, and many views. 

Smazeny syr (fried cheese)
Fried cheese is supposedly a local dish in Prague. It is actually very nice, and the potatoes balance out the rich cheesy flavour.  

Sitting outside a colourful church in Vysehrad. 

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