Thursday, 22 March 2018

Postcards From Paris ♥

              Friday 23rd February 2018
I have just checked in to my airbnb. The guy seems very nice, a little shy and awkward like me. At least he is friendly unlike my previous host in Rome. In the morning I went to the famous Shakespeare bookstore, and then I went to citypharma to buy lots of beauty products. Can you believe that I spent twice the amount of money that I wanted to?. Oh well it's pay day on Monday. Right now I'm going to head off to the Arc de triomphe and Champs Elysees for some shopping. Paris is my favourite city...I forgot how much I actually missed it. 

I am back and had my evening shower. I am done with major shopping because I don't want to over spend. Guess what I had for dinner? my beloved "moules frites" (mussels and chips. The waiting staff in the restaurant were horrible but the food was nice. This has probably been my only experience of rudeness in Paris so far. 

I actually fantasize about marrying a French man. They are so lovely. One thing I've noticed is that they always hold the door open for women. They are also generally well mannered. I do have to say  that the metro in Paris is the filthiest that I have ever seen in Europe. You can literally see and smell the grime on the windows and floors.   
                 Saturday 24th February 2018
What a long day. I had a photoshoot today and can't wait to see the pictures. Today was more of a "go with the flow" kind of day. So I woke up at 6am because my airbnb host was moving things around. So I left the house at 9am and went to have a French breakfast. This included a croissant, orange juice, and a latte. Then it was time to head to the Louvre museum. It is a beautiful museum so I honestly dont know why I never visited it on my last trip. 

After that I went to eat a crepe. I'm worried that the egg wasn't cooked properly...French people seem to like raw things. Like they eat "beef tartare". So after the crepe I took an interesting metro journey to Galeries Lafayette. There was a drunk guy trying to hit on me. He had a bottle of whisky in his hand and was sipping from it. Everybody on the train was staring at him. So I can now assume that this kind of behaviour is not normal in French culture. 

I am on a mission to get some French knickers. Maybe that will be the main focus for tomorrow. It's strange how today turned out to be such a random day. I had plans to go to the Catacombs and Montparnasse tower but didn't. Oh well there will always be another time.  
                Sunday 25th February 2018
Started off the day with a visit to the Eiffel Tower. It was so cold today the temperature was -3 degrees Celsius!. After snapping a few photos it was time to have some French brunch. I had an omelette and a beer. Remember the comment that I made about raw eggs yesterday?. The omelette did taste a bit under cooked. Or maybe I just overcook my eggs (haha). 

After brunch it was time to head to Bastille market. The funny thing is that I went there 3 years ago and found it boring. But this time it was really cool. I got there late so I kind of had to rush, but it was still a way better experience than last time. Bought 5 pairs of lacy french knickers. Yes I'm sure they are crap market quality... but oh well. I also bought a key ring and some honey from the market. 

Time went really fast today in comparison to yesterday. It was 3pm By the time I finished at Bastille market. So I decided to take a trip down memory lane and visited "Italie Deux" shopping centre. I stayed 5 minutes away from there during my last visit. 

After this I went to get some dinner from a restaurant outside the shopping centre. Finally got to try some French onion soup. It was amazing and tasted 100 times better than I expected. I sat there and had 2 Monaco beers. It's my favourite French beer because it is sweet and syrupy. It was nice to sit there and take in the atmosphere of France for the last time. I will miss this city. 


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