Sunday, 25 March 2018

Observations From Stockholm ♥

So I have now visited 3 Scandinavian countries, and have different opinions on each. I hated Norway, I loved Denmark, and I loved Sweden. Sweden happens to be my most recent trip and I want to share some observations about the capital city of Stockholm.
Everyone is very attractive
Swedish people are so attractive! they have beautiful pixie shaped eyes and they are all so pretty. It doesn't matter how tall, short, thick, or thin they are. Even the old people are attractive! Slovenia is the only other country where I think at least 90% of the population are attractive.

They speak fluent English

Like the rest of Scandinavia, everybody in Sweden speaks fluent English. It is interesting when I listen to how perfect their accent is. They sound slightly American but they speak British English. I also find it fascinating how there are so many similarities between the Swedish and English. Like for example you can greet somebody with "hey" in both Swedish and English. There were so many words I read and understood because they were similar to English.

Many places don't accept cash

A lot of places in Stockholm do not accept cash and only accept card. It was annoying sometimes because I like to use cash when I travel abroad, in order to familiarise myself with the currency. It also helps me to avoid overspending because I can physically see how much is remaining.

They can handle the weather 

The Swedish can certainly handle subzero conditions. It was -9 degrees Celsius on my first day there. I saw people out jogging in leggings and long sleeved tops. I know that exercise warms you up but it was -9! the lakes had turned to ice and it was snowing.

It is very expensive 
The city is very expensive...just like the rest of Scandinavia. A pint of beer costs the equivalent of £10. A meal out for one will cost roughly £25-30, and that is just for a main course and drink. So yes it is very expensive but it could be worse. I found Norway to be a lot worse in terms of price.

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