Saturday, 31 March 2018

10 Things I Can't Live Without ♥

My UGG boots: Look...I really do not care if they are out of fashion. Those suckers are the only shoes that keep my feet warm in the winter.

Hand sanitiser: the thought of bacteria disturbs me...especially as a traveller. I know that it is lurking everywhere and always carry hand sanitiser. I also sanitise my tray table on the plane with anti bacterial wipes on every flight. 

Travel: I start to get withdrawal symptoms if I haven't travelled for more than 2 months. I could not live without travel it HAS to happen...even if it's a weekend city break. 

Winter: I like winter 10 times more than summer. I love the feeling of being cosy and sitting by a candle lit window. 

Seafood: you have probably noticed that most of my travel photo diaries contain seafood. We don't have fresh sea food in England (it is all imported and filled with chemicals/ pesticides) so I love to indulge in fish whenever I travel. 

My laptop: I don't have a TV in my flat and choose not to have one because I don't want to pay for a TV licence (we are the only country that has this bill). I tend to watch all my programmes online as a result of this. I also use it for travel research, online shopping, and to edit my travel vlogs. 

Silence: introverts need silence sometimes...or most of the time.

Eastenders: I have been watching this show since I was a child. 

Leopard print: I love leopard print. My bedroom is a mix of black, silver, purple, and leopard. That sounds so weird right? but trust me it looks good.  

Oil: this is one of the reasons why I love visiting Mediterranean bring back oil! I use olive oil for cooking, coconut oil and castor oil for my scalp. Tea tree oil whenever I have skin irritations. 

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