Friday, 29 December 2017

My Travel Resume ♥

The year is almost over and I got this cool idea from a travel blogger to write my own travel CV. Have a look at mine to see where I have been...

Personal Information
Name: Zainab 
Date of birth: 25-02-1994
Place of birth: London, England 
Nationality: British 

The world (1994-present)

Relevant travel experience 
-Wales: Llandudno

-Pakistan: Islamabad, Gurjranwala, Jhelum


-America: Philadelphia, Maryland, New Jersey, DC


-Uganda: Kampala, Entebbe

-Netherlands: Amsterdam 


-Netherlands: Amsterdam (again)
-Spain: Barcelona


- Greece: Crete
- Switzerland: Geneva, Zurich
- Scotland: Edinburgh
- Wales: Cardiff 


- France:Paris
- Belgium: Brussels, Bruges  
- Germany: Berlin, koln, Frankfurt
- Denmark: Copenhagen 
- Norway: Oslo
- Spain: Madrid
- Ireland: Dublin, Belfast 
- Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Rai, Pattaya 
- Laos: Don Sao Island 
- Slovenia: Ljubljana, Bled,
- Montenegro: Podgorica, Kotor, Budva
- Kosovo: Pristina  

- Denmark: Copenhagen (again)
- Bulgaria: Sofia
- Italy: Milan, Rome, Venice
- Luxembourg: Luxembourg city

- Portugal: Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais  
- Netherlands: Amsterdam (again) 
- France: Marseille
- Poland: Krakow, Oswiecim


- Climbed mount Triglav in Slovenia.
- Taught English to some sexually inappropriate... Typical teenage monks in Thailand. 

- Found accommodation within 5 minutes of being kicked out of the hotel in Montenegro. 

- Became an expert at communicating with people who cannot speak a word of English.

- Survived a kidnapping attempt in Bangkok.

- Taken selfies with over 100 tourists who have never seen a black person before.


-10/10 scam raider
- Cheap flight expert

- Master of solo travel
- Outstanding trip planner
- Elephant riding
- Camel riding
- Flirting to obtain freebies/discounts
- People watching

                  llondon leopard 

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