Saturday, 9 December 2017

5 Reasons I Will Never Go Back To Venice ♥

It's not very often that I come across destinations that I don't like. I have enjoyed almost every place I have visited...and trust me there are MANY. Before Venice the only other place I did not like was Oslo, Norway. Now I will have to add Venice to the list. It's okay to not have the same opinion as everyone else, which is why I am writing this post. 

Venice is expensive. Switzerland is very expensive but it provides value for money, whereas Venice really doesn't. You can argue that going outside of the tourists areas is cheaper but the value is still bad. I paid 20 Euros for a 1 day ticket on the local bus boat. The food is also expensive and has to be the worst food I have ever tasted in Italy. I don't know what they cook in Venice but it's certainly not authentic Italian food. For example, I ordered spaghetti alle vongole from a restaurant which is popular with the locals. It was expensive and happened to be the worst vongole I have ever tasted in my life. I also ordered arancini from a snack bar and it tasted like plastic!. Oh and you have to pay extra to eat/drink in at many places including bars. I think it is absolutely  ridiculous.Things are expensive but the quality never seems to match the price. 

Venice is overcrowded. Many places are crowded with tourists but Venice is just something else. You have to queue for like 10 minutes just to get a nice photo because there is an army of 500 tourists trying to get the same photo.  It's hard to find any local Venetians, and that is something important for me when travelling. I like to avoid tourists and prefer to observe and interact with the locals. 

Venice is a tourist trap.  The whole city is like a theme park specifically made for tourists. Almost every shop in the city is a souvenir shop selling the SAME souvenirs. You would expect that from places like Paris or Rome but no. They only have souvenir shops near the attractions. Where is the Italian culture? that is what I came to see but everything is focused towards tourism. It was such a disappointment.

Venice canals stink. Okay I will admit that i'm exaggerating with this one. Yes the canals do smell but it's not that bad. You will occasionally inhale a gassy smell from canal but It will go away after 10 seconds. 

Venice lacks toilets. It is not easy to find a public toilet in Venice and most snack bars don't even have a toilet (because many things are strictly "take away"). There are only a couple of public toilets in the whole city!

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