Sunday, 31 December 2017

2017 Reflections: The Good The Bad And The Ugly♥

What made me happy and inspired?
We all know what my top answer is going to It is pretty much at the top of my list for happiness.  To be honest travel has also inspired me in many ways. It has inspired me to be brave, to be confident, to be flexible, to try new things. I always vowed to myself that I would only feel safe travelling solo in "western countries". But this month I have reflected on all my travels and just thought...why limit myself?. So I booked a trip to Turkey for next year.

So many other things have made me happy, and it is sometimes just the every day simple things in life. The Autumn leaves, the Spring flowers, the blissful silence as I watch rain drops trickle down my window. I am happy when soaking in a colourful bubble bath. I can just be free and let my body float away, as my mind drifts off in to another world. Cocktails made me happy. Airports made me happy. I always feel like a supermodel who is walking down a runway with her suitcase. Seeing friends and family made me happy. Knowing that I am progressing in life makes me happy. Journaling my thoughts feelings and dreams made me happy. These are the things that I need to hold on to next year.

What made me sad, irritated and uninspired?

Bitter people made me sad. But I have learnt to ignore the snide remarks and keep as much distance as possible. All the war has made me sad but I realise that there is nothing that I can do to stop it. The increase in food prices has irritated me. The fact that we are leaving the EU has left me uninspired. It is my generation who will suffer the consequences. Colds, flus, and the usual winter bacteria have left me irritated. 

What have I learnt in 2017?

I have learnt that you should do whatever makes you happy...not what makes society happy.
I have learnt that hard work will pay off eventually. 
I have learnt that it is important to save money because you don't know what the future holds.
I have learnt that bubble baths are really good for relaxation.
I have learnt that I am happy with who I am as a person. 

Habits to keep
Travelling frequently
Saving money
Buying more vegetables than meat

Habits to ditch
Spending money on lunch at work
Sleeping too late
Forgetting to floss

                                                             llondon leopard                                                         xoxo

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