Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Photo Diary: Krakow Poland ♥

I have just returned from my first trip to Poland which was a weekend in Krakow. I absolutely loved it and I want to visit Gdansk next year. There were horses in the main square ready to give rides to tourists. The Galleria Krakowska is a beautiful shopping centre connected to the main station. The prices of clothes were pretty much the same as the rest of Europe! So why does everybody think that Poland is dirt cheap?. Well the food and transport is certainly cheap but not the clothes. 

 Sukiennice cloth hall is definitely a must visit. It's an indoor market full of souvenirs and clothes. I came here twice during my visit to Krakow (that is how much I love this place). As you can see from the top picture, there is a lot of amber stalls. I am not too sure whether it is real but I bought an amber necklace and matching earrings. I also bought some wool winter slipper socks, gloves, a tote bag, a Krakow t-shirt, and wooden box. 

Polish food is amazing! I ate pierogi (dumplings stuffed with meat or veg) on my first day. It was at an outdoor restaurant which was covered with a glass roof and had fire heaters to keep everyone warm. I also tried a mushroom bread bowl soup which was a little bit disappointing. There are many carts in the city selling Obwarzanek krakowski which is like ring shaped bread. I got one with cheese and brought it back to England. Oh...and don't forget the vodka. It is really cheap in Poland and comes in many different flavours. I went to a vodka bar and got 6 LARGE shots for 30 Zloty (roughly £5). 

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