Saturday, 21 October 2017

A Weekend in Marseille France ♥

I've decided to try and visit more of France before "Brexit". Marseille was included in the list of cheap flights on Ryanair's website. So of course I booked myself a £25 return fare and a weekend in Marseille. It is one of the most dangerous cities in Europe but that does not bother me. Anyway...take a look at the photos from my trip. 

Palais Longchamp is absolutely beautiful! and guess what? It is free to enter. I am sorry to say but this is a lot better than Trevi Fountain in Rome.

Have you noticed that I literally eat sea food everywhere I go?. Marseille was no exception considering that it is a Mediterranean city on the coast. 

I think the look on my face represents the disgust of being "photo bombed" by the couple (haha). This beautiful striped building is "Cathedrale La Major". 

Soap seems to be the main souvenir in Marseille. They come in so many different flavours. I bought olive oil and lavender soap. 

Vieux port...probably the most famous attraction in Marseille. It is lined with restaurants and souvenir shops. Definitely a tourist trap but it's worth visiting. 

So I have now visited Paris, Marseille, and Annecy in France. I am still hoping to visit Bordeaux,Nice,and Grenoble. 

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