Thursday, 28 September 2017

Autumn Inspirations ♥


So my first inspirations are "culottes" trousers. They are very odd looking but I really like them. I bought a pair in black and want to get some striped ones too. Tan bags are another Autumn favourite seeing as they blend in with the beautiful leaves. The last fashion inspiration is "over the knee" suede boots. I love them they are so comfortable.


The next set of inspirations involve the love of my South America and Australasia/Oceana are the only continents I am missing from my travels. I am planning on visiting Brazil next Summer if I can get enough money together. The next inspiration is to walk to work more. I dont go to the gym so walking to work sometimes would help me to be more active. Autumn is the perfect time to walk before it starts to get too cold. My final inspiration involves purchasing a travel scratch map. I would love to have something like this hanging from my bedroom wall. 

I would definitely like to read more. I used to read a lot as a child and grew out of it when I became a teenager. Now as an adult I feel like my writing and vocabulary has gone down hill. My second inspiration is minimalism. I briefly wrote a post about it a couple of months ago. I am still selling clothes and have made roughly £100 so far. I also sold a pile of DVD's I dont need(the internet has them for free). Candles are also one of my Autumn inspirations. I love the cosy feeling of relaxing to the smell of a sweet candle. 

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