Friday, 25 August 2017

The Ramblings Of An Introvert ♥

Believe it or not... i'm shy and I am an introvert. Yes I travel a lot and mostly travel alone, but i'm still shy. I don't mind socialising with people but I wouldn't say that it is at the top of my priorities. A lot of the time I would much rather keep to myself unless the group conversation appears to be of some sort of value (yeah...I sound like a stuck up bitch). Particularly when it comes to females I can't sit down and talk about celebrities, makeup, and hair. Those kind of topics just don't interest me. I would much rather sit with a group of nerdy men and talk about history, conspiracy theories, and travel. 

 I am an introvert and get a lot of slack for it but I believe that there is nothing wrong with it. How boring would the world be if everyone was exactly the same? could you imagine a world where everyone was so outgoing and eager to socialise  24/7?. It would be boring...and that its why I believe that there is nothing wrong with introverted people. The world needs to have a balance. I think there is a belief that we don't have fun, but that is certainly not the case. I just think that some of us like to take our time to sniff people out before we get comfortable.

 I personally like to listen more than I talk. A common comment which I get after people have spent more time around me is "wow I didn't know you were so fun". I think that people should take the time and get to know introverts before completely writing them off. There are many people out there who are just like me, and those are the ones who will identify with what I am trying to say.

This post was pretty much just a jumbled up collection of thoughts and probably does not make much sense.  I am not trying to criticize extroverts in any way shape or form. It just irritates me that society views it as undesirable to be an introvert. I personally believe that nobody needs to "be" or "act" a certain way. diversity and difference is what makes the world beautiful. You should not have to worry about your personality, as long as you are not causing harm to anyone.

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