Sunday, 9 July 2017

Hamburg Diary ♥

                   Saturday 8th July 2017 
i'm on the coach on my way to the airport. There are protests in Hamburg so I'm a little bit scared. What if my flight gets cancelled? Will I be safe out there?
i'm at the port of Hamburg eating "fischbrotchen", which is apparently a popular snack in Hamburg. All my photos are coming out hideous due to cloudy weather and lack of bottom eyeliner. Anyway I ordered a prawn sandwich which was difficult to eat. Imagine trying to eat that on a date. The bloody prawns were bursting out. Then there is the infamous German stare haha. They stare at everyone and everything. But they stare more when you are a tourist. Anyway my time here is limited I need to go and explore. 
i'm at the airport now. I tried to go in to ST. Nikolai's memorial church/museum. It was closed because of the G20 protests. My last chance was to try and go to the warehouse district and wander around the red canals. This failed because the riot police had blocked the entrance, and I somehow ended up in the middle of the protest. I sort of felt scared but a hint of excitement at the same time. I followed the protest for a while and then went back to the airport. 

                                                                  llondon leopard



  1. I'm planning a weekend to Germany and will surely visit Hamburg and can't wait to try popular snack fischbrotchen, as im a great lover of sea food.

    1. Have fun! Hamburg is a cool city and its not crowded with tourists.


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