Saturday, 29 July 2017

12 hours in Nuremberg ♥

This is called weissgerbergasse and it is a traditional old German street. I always like seeing things from the olden days because it makes me wonder what life was like. Surprisingly it wasn't crowded so I had plenty of space to snap some selfies. 

I decided to try a German bretzel with salt. I flicked a lot of the salt off because the taste was too strong, but it was a nice cheap snack at €0.55
This is a fountain called "Schonner Brunnen" and it reminds me of the shrines they have in Thailand. 

Rostbratwurst mit sauerkraut...or sausages with cabbage as we would call it in England. Wow German food is extremely heavy, I genuinely struggled to stomach all of those sausages. 

Posing by the way of human rights. It is a collection of pillars which have the universal declaration of human rights inscribed on each pillar.

Nuremberg is my favourite German city so far without a doubt. It was like the German version of Luxembourg. Everything was able to be viewed within a day because it is compact. Most of the attractions are within walking distance, and some are even clustered together. It was more than worth the £20 return flight.

Happy Travels 


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