Saturday, 17 June 2017

Roaming Around Rome ♥

I was happy to spend 4 days in Rome Italy. It has been one of my dream destinations for years and I finally managed to get there. Rome is definitely on the expensive side but it is worth every single penny.

The Colosseum was my first stop when I arrived in Rome. 

The inside is just as beautiful as the outside.

This is Palatine Hill which is also worth a visit. It is included with the ticket to the Colosseum along with the Roman Forum.  

                       Pizza pizza pizza!

  Crypta Balbi Museum. I will be honest and say the crypt was a  disappointment, but the museum section was cool. 

I'm obsessed with the cute little colourful mopeds in Italy.

Aperitivo is something I did not get to do in Milan so it was nice to try it in Rome. You get an Italian cocktail with some free bites. I went for an aperol spritz and it was only €5. 

This is the inside of St. Peters Basilica in Vatican City. The queues for the Vatican museum were too long (like hours long) so I went here instead. I was there on a Sunday and got to see the pope leading mass which was cool...I was not expecting that.

Seafood spaghetti.

Trevi fountain is so big! I arrived there early in the morning and got to see them taking all the coins out.
Please excuse my pasta belly. It was full of the seafood spaghetti :(. Anyway...this photo was taken at Castel Sant'Angelo.

Campo de' Fiori food market is definitely worth a visit. I bought some oregano olive oil from this cute stall. 

Caprese Salad.

last but not least...gelato. They have so many flavours, this one was pistachio and amaretto cherry.

It was a great trip and I loved every second of it. I will definitely go back to Rome at some point just to see more of Vatican city. But for now...the next stop will be Hamburg Germany.

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  1. Rome is a place which are history with it, I so want to visit this place and hope that one day my dream will come true. Thank you for sharing your experience with us


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