Friday, 19 May 2017

Book: How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are ♥

Words cannot describe how much I loved this book. It gives you advice on how to be a chic woman, but from a French perspective which is cool. The main thing I liked about this book was that it teaches you to be careless and not let things bother you. It has an "on to the next one" approach when it comes to men. Which is something I would argue that many British women fail to follow. 

The book also shows you how to have a very simple approach to fashion. It teaches you to have some signature items and some staples that can you can mix and match. The fact that there are pictures, lists, and recipes makes it more like a magazine. It doesn't feel like a chore at all to read it, which is something I cannot say for any other book. I would highly recommend you to read it if you are in your early 20's. 

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Friday, 12 May 2017

Luxembourg Photo Diary ♥

Luxembourg City...the fairy tale city. It's like something out of a story book, and I was happy to spend a weekend there. Did you know that Luxembourg City used to be a fortress? nope me neither, but it became clear when I saw the layout of the city. It is very hilly and surrounded by a lot of greenery. 
This is called Chemin de la Corniche, and has been nicknamed as the most beautiful balcony in Europe. I will definitely agree with that.

Selfie sticks really do come in handy when travelling solo. There is no other way I could have caught this view in the background. 

The chocolate house is a must see in Luxembourg. You kind of get to make your own hot chocolate by stirring a spoon of chocolate in hot milk. There are many different flavours such as caramel, matcha, vanilla, eggnog. I brought back four different flavours which I look forward to using this winter.

Gelle Fra statue (the war remembrance monument). 

When in Luxembourg be French...or German. On this occasion I decided to be French and have an omelette. This was legit the best omelette I have ever eaten, it had tomato, bacon, broccoli, potato, onion, and mushroom. 

Inside the Casemates du Bock. They are caves and i'm guessing they were used in the war. 

Please be warned that there are lots of stairs in the casemates and they are steep. So dont make the same mistake as me, by turning up there in a dress and ankle boots.

Paris is not the only city where you can get your hands on macaroons...Luxembourg has them too of course, because of the French influence. 

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Monday, 1 May 2017

30 day Minimalist Challenge Results ♥

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I may have mentioned before that I am taking gradual steps towards becoming a minimalist. This began with the 30 day minimalist challenge which I have participated in throughout April. I have been keeping track of my activities so keep reading to find out how my challenge went. 

DAY 1: Stay offline for one day 
Well...this one was a bad start. It's my day off today and I ended up online to pay a bill. Then started watching some videos on youtube. Oops? 

DAY 2: Meditate for 15 minutes
This one was a success. I have a meditation app on my phone called "wildflowers". I did a 15 minute guided meditation session which was cool. I ended up starting my day feeling more relaxed. 

DAY 3: Declutter your digital life 
There was only so much I could do with this because I was working all day. I started by deleting unused programs on my laptop. Then unsubscribed from a lot of spam in my inbox.

DAY 4: No complaint day 
I can't believe it...but I have actually been successful with this one. I used to be a serial complainer and have learnt to let things go over my head. Nothing really seems to phase me anymore, and I didn't complain about anything today.

DAY 5: Identify your 3-6 main priorities
- Finding a permanent job 
- Saving money for future + long haul travel
- Keeping healthy 

DAY 6: Follow a morning ritual 

I generally have the same routine so this was easy.
1)Wake up and read news on phone for 1/2 hour
3)Eat breakfast & drink ginger tea (depending on weather)
4) Brush teeth, wash face, moisturise

DAY 7: Streamline your reading list 
This one was easy seeing as I do not have many books. This is my current reading list:

- How to be Parisian wherever you are
- The Diary of Anne Frank
- Love Style Life

DAY 8: Learn to enjoy solitude
This one was hard because I had to work an event today (my side job). There was no way that I could avoid people seeing as I get paid to keep them happy. But I did wake up extra early today and spent an hour in bed reading Anne Franks Diary. I guess that is a form of solitude right?

DAY 9: Downsize your beauty collection 
I threw out tons of makeup. It was slightly disgusting to see how much makeup I had and never used. There is no point in me buying makeup because I rarely ever wear it. 

DAY 10: No email or social media until lunch

Proud to say that I successfully stuck to this one. When I woke up I decided to browse the news and of checking my messages.

DAY 11: Evaluate your commitments
I will be honest and say that I forgot to do this one. 

DAY 12: Define your goals for this year 

I met quite a few of my life goals last year which means that I don't have many for this year. There are only two important goals I want to achieve by 31-12-17:
1.Get a permanent job(my current is temporary)
2. Save money for a long haul trip next year

DAY 13: Clean out your closet
I have made roughly £50 from selling old clothes and shoes click here if you want to buy something. There are also bags of things that I will give to charity.

DAY 14: Take a step towards learning a new skill
Well...Seeing as I'll be in Rome for a few days why not learn some Italiano no?. I downloaded the "duolingo" app.

DAY 15: Examine your daily habits 
oops I forgot to do this :(. 

DAY 16: Don't buy anything for 24 hours 
This one was very easy seeing as it is Easter Sunday. Everything is closed and I am at home in bed watching movies anyway.

DAY 17: Practice single tasking 
I decided to do this one by not making a to-do-list. I just sort of went with the flow and do everything one step at a time. 

DAY 18: Unfollow and unfriend 
I will admit that I did not do this. It was my first day back from work after Easter and I got bombarded with meetings and tasks...I will get round to it at some point

DAY 19: Go for a walk and practice mindfulness
I walked to work today, put in some headphones and played some relaxing music from youtube. Who would have thought that a 40 minute walk could be so relaxing?. Maybe the fact that the weather has improved helps. 

DAY 20: No TV all day read instead
I did not watch TV but I did not read either. Well not a book, but I did spend some time reading news articles after dinner if that counts. 

DAY 21: Journal for 20 minutes 
It's a good thing that I already journal regularly. So this was pretty much a piece of cake for me. I sat down for a good 10 minutes in the morning to write about yesterday, and then did 10 more minutes of writing this evening. 

DAY 22: Create a relaxing bedtime routine 
It's always nice to have a ritual before bed. Mine consisted of the following:
-floss & brush teeth 
-face mask 
- 10 minute meditation 
- Read for half an hour

but as someone who is scared of the dark...nothing is truly relaxing.

DAY 23: Go bare faced 
This was very easy seeing as I rarely wear makeup. It was like any other day to be honest. 

DAY 24: Practice gratitude
I certainly thanked a few people today. I thanked the cashier in the shop who topped up my oyster card...I thanked my manager when she complimented my work ethic. 

DAY 25: Leave a whole day unplanned be honest this was quite difficult. It was my day off and things needed to be done so I couldn't really leave it unplanned. I had a dentist appointment, a delivery, and I had to exchange money for my next trip. 

DAY 26: Identify your stress triggers 
- lack of organisation 
- lack of money 
- when my house is messy 

DAY 27: Clear out your junk drawer
My junk drawer is in the kitchen. It's full of leaflets, plastic bags, and general sh*t. I was happy to empty the contents of this drawer in to the bin. 

DAY 28: Let go of a goal 
I really wanted to go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights this winter. It's not going to happen. It is a very expensive country, and my research indicates that I would need like £900 to go there for 4 days. I had to let go of this goal...maybe next year  

DAY 29: Turn off all notifications 
Okay...I didn't do this. But I was working until like 10pm and didn't touch my phone, so I guess that is something right?

DAY 30: Evaluate your last five purchases 
Morrisons- £2.50- cooking oil
Etsy- £15.00- boob deodorant(big boob problems (.)(.) 
Superdrug- £6.10- spot cream 
Primark- £25.00- cabin Suitcase
Morrisons- £5.00- lunch for work (sandwich, fruit, and 2 waters)

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