Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Bad Reaction To Foreign Beauty Product: Part 2 ♥

Hada Labo Gokujyun Healuronic Lotion 
This is a Japanese brand that is popular in Asia. I bought this in Bangkok just before I flew back to England. Where do I start with this one?...firstly, it is called a lotion but it looks and feels like antibacterial hand gel. Actually the consistency is even thinner than hand gel. That was my first red flag, but I tried not to judge the product based upon this.

So when I put it on my face, it seemed to dry within 10 seconds. It also left my face feeling very dry and porous (no exaggeration). I kept on using it for a few for days to give the product a chance, but it was the same. Pimples also began appearing on my face but I was still determined to give the product a try. So I started using another moisturiser on top to get rid of the dry feeling.

The pimples never went away and I figured that it was because the product didn't agree with my skin. So after doing research online it turns out that many other girls suffered from break outs when using this product. Most girls suggest that it may be "butylene glycol" in the ingredients which is causing it. Others suggested that it could be an allergy to hydraulic acid. 

It is not the break out that makes me label it a bad product.It is more the fact that it made my face feel extremely dry which is the opposite of what it is supposed to do. 

Good news...I am happy with all of my other products so you won't be hearing any more beauty rants (haha).  

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  1. Good review, that will make it easy for me to make decision if I should go for it or not. Going to bookmark your blog for more reviews related to beauty products.

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