Friday, 24 March 2017

Milan On a Budget: €40 Day Trip

My first taster of Italy was a day trip to Milan This Tuesday. I flew out at 8 am and flew back to England at 10 pm. Milan is arguably one of the most expensive cities in Europe, and I wanted to see if I could do it on a budget and still have fun.

Transport: 20

I took the Express train from Milan Malpensa airport to the city centre. The journey took roughly 45 minutes and it was a very spacious train. 

Lunch/snack: 2.70

After doing research online I learnt that 
panzerotti is a popular kind of Italian street food which is popular in Milan. It is like fried dough which is stuffed with a filling of your choice. So I went to Luini which is the most popular place for panzerotti, and had one filled with mozzarella and prosciutto. 

 Duomo Cathedral: free

This is one of Milan's most popular attractions, and is very similar to the Duomo in Cologne, Germany. I decided to wander around the outside and had a quick browse inside. There is an option to pay and go up to the rooftop terraces...but I decided against this seeing as it was a budget trip.

Castello Sforzesco: free

Well...this was another beautiful free attraction in Milan. It is a beautiful castle which is free to enter and wander around. There is a museum inside that costs money, but from what I saw it is not worth the visit. 

Gelato: 3.50

What is a trip to Italy without gelato?. I stopped off at an organic gelato shop to try some. Mine was flavoured with a mix of passion fruit and raspberry. I love the way that they carve it into a cute petal pattern. 

Pinacoteca di Brera: free

This was another free attraction in the artistic Brera district. It is a small public art gallery with many sculptures. I like the fact that all the sculptures had a roman theme.   

Dinner & Wine : £13.00

Pizza and red wine are another "must have" when in Italy. So I finished my day off with a trip to an Italian restaurant and pigged out. I don't know how...but I actually finished all of that pizza.

                                     TOTAL EXPENDITURE: €39.20

        click here to check out my Milan vlog


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  1. such a nice blog, seems like you very enjoy your trip!

    1. Thanks Della, I will have a look at your blog x


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