Sunday, 5 March 2017

March Inspirations♥

So I did a blog post last spring about my inspirations, and thought that it would be fun to look back at what inspired me this time last year. Lets see if I tried to follow through with what inspired me.

So my Spring 2016 inspirations were...
1. Trench coats ( yes I bought a beige trench coat) 
2. Double sided earrings ( yes I now own 2 pairs) 
3. Visiting Scandinavia ( yes I went to Denmark and Norway) 
4. Buy a car ( Nope...changed my mind a car is not a priority)
5. Yoga ( yes I tried it once at home and did not like it) 
6. Colourful post it notes ( yes and they helped me to study)

and now moving on to the spring inspirations for this year...

Lets start with bralettes. I can't decide if they add an element of seduction or sophistication. I have always been inspired by them, but have never bought one because I am big breasted. Second on the list are infinity rings. There is something spiritual that draws me towards the symbol. The third and final of my fashion inspirations this season are mini skirts. I went through a phase of skinny jeans...and now I'm inspired by skirts. They just make me feel more feminine. 


Italy is top of the travel inspirations this year. I will be going to Milan at the end of this month, and to Rome in May. Starting a travel fund is second on the list. I would like to start a travel savings fund so that I am able to visit at least 2 new countries every year. And the final inspiration symbolises a beach birthday holiday. Next year I want to be on a beach on my birthday. 

I have been meaning to get into meditation. Yoga was a fail but it doesn't mean that meditation has to be. I have been told that it helps with stress and would like to test this theory. The second inspiration is to eat healthy. I feel like I need to cut down on meat and increase my veg intake. The third and final inspiration is to keep out negative people and negative energy.   

                   Stay inspired...

                   llondon leopard



  1. It is good that you have set your inspirations with the arrival of the new year. This will keep you directed towards your objectives throughout and hopefully I too get my inspirations.

  2. Lovely to have stumbled unto your blog; you are brave in all of your travels and blog reporting. I tried blogging for several years and ended up deleting it all; wasted some very good years. No matter, stay strong and bright.


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