Saturday, 11 February 2017

Balkans In the winter: Sofia, Bulgaria♥

What did the boxing day sales buy me ? A £20 return fare from London to Sofia, Bulgaria. Like I keep saying, Tuesday is my day off work and I strongly believe that it should be utilised by building life experiences. Sofia is not the main tourist hot spot in Bulgaria so this day trip provided a sufficient amount of time for me to experience what I wanted.

After taking the metro to the city centre. I walked for 20 minutes and came across Tsurkva Sveta Nikolai (the Russian church). The snow definitely makes it look even more beautiful.

I went to a traditional Bulgarian place to eat called "Izbata Tavern". This is where I got to try some Shopska salad, which tasted so much better than I expected. I never thought that it could be possible to love salad that much.

After eating some shopska salad I had to wash it down with something right? This was the perfect opportunity to try some traditional beverages. So I had some rakia which is a very STRONG brandy,  and "Ayran" which is like a yogurt based drink. 

I did many more things in Sofia but did not get many photos because it was too cold. I visited a local rose shop where they sell rose beauty products. I bought a face mask from there and some rose water to use as a facial cleanser. The Balkans will always be the most fascinating region of Europe to me. It's bursting with culture, and I definitely want to see every country in South East Europe. 

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