Monday, 26 December 2016

Frankfurt Christmas Market 2016 ♥

Last weekend I went to Frankfurt Germany for the weekend. Last year I was going to go with a friend from uni but we had too many deadlines as we were in our final year. It has always been a dream of mine to visit a German Christmas market, and it has finally come true. 

Pretty Christmas bauble decorations at a stall.

Drinking Glühwein to warm myself up. You pay a 3 deposit for the mug and can either keep it, or return the mug for your €3. I chose to keep the mug of course, as a lovely souvenir.  

A store selling lebkuchen at the market, they have cute little messages on them. 

Lets not forget the infamous bratwurst. I have a confession to make...this was the first time that I ever tried a bratwurst, even though I have been to Germany 3 times. I was impressed, it is not just a plain sausage there is seasoning such as sage and rosemary. 

A stall selling roasted nuts. I have no idea what any of them are so I bought a bag with all different mixes. 

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Saturday, 17 December 2016

A Day In Madrid ♥

So Ryanair held a £2 flight sale which lasted a day. The catch was that you could only fly out on a Tuesday or Wednesday in November. Guess who doesn't work on Tuesdays? of course. So I booked myself a little day trip to Madrid in Spain. Take a look at how I spent my day...

I started off at the Palacio Cibeles which was very interesting. It is not easy to reach because it is situated on the side of a roundabout. So most tourists were taking photos from across the road instead. 

Sangria Sangria Sangria...I have been longing to try this for a long time. I seriously don't know how I did not drink it in Barcelona?. Oh well. This drink is a blend of red wine, fruit, and orange juice.   

Parque del Buen Retiro was the next stop. I have to say I was impressed by "Jardin du Luxembourg" in Paris...but this Spanish beauty definitely topped the list. They have a lake where people cruise along on little rowing boats.  

A trip to Spain is never complete without some juicy tapas. So I went to San Miguel Mercado to load up on some paella and olives. The one thing that I did not get to have was churros...but i'm sure there will be plenty more trips to Spain in the future. 

Happy Travels 

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