Sunday, 20 November 2016

Staying safe in the dark ♥

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The clocks have changed and it is now getting darker fast. It is sad to see that we live in a world where people will never be safe. Women are viewed as being weaker than men, and are therefore easy targets for crime. Many societies suggest that women should be indoors after dark to protect themselves. If you live in the western world then you will know that this is just not possible. We work long hours and it will be dark on our journey home. It is also the festive season so we will be attending parties which will start and finish during dark hours. I am somebody that is very cautious in the dark, and would like to share some of my tips with you. 

  • Carry Pepper Spray- This is illegal in England but you could carry a mini travel sized deodorant instead. Make sure that it is in easy reach so that you can defend yourself if anything happens. 

  • Change Direction- If you have suspicions that a car is following you then walk in the opposite direction. If you still see the car then you know for sure that it is definitely following you. I have done this before when being harassed by men in cars. 

  • Pretend to make a phone call- walk slower if you feel like somebody is following you. Then take out your phone and pretend to make a phone call telling someone that you are "5 minutes away". 

  • Keep your headphones in- But do not actually listen to music. This can sometimes deter dodgy men from tying to approach you in the street.

  • Avoid taking elevators alone with men- I'm speaking from experience with this one. I live very high up in an apartment building, and have to take the lift to get home. I once got in the lift alone at night with another man, who made small talk and proceeded to ask me what my name was and which floor I lived on. Since that day I will not enter the lift at night if there are men in there. I wait for the next one....because it's better to be safe than sorry. 

  • Always make sure you have enough battery on your phone- especially when you know that you will be travelling in the dark. I will turn my phone off if my battery is low during the day, to make sure that I can use my phone on the journey home. 

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  1. Great tips - I live in a not-so-great area which has a high-crime rate. You have to be more cautious, but at the same time you don't want to let fear run your life. I bought a rape alarm from a local shop last year - it definitely shocks the life out of you :P.

    Stay safe!

    - Lubna | The Digital Review

  2. Thanks Lubna. I used to have a rape alarm and it kept on going off in the most awkward situations haha. x


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