Saturday, 5 November 2016

8 Hours In Cologne♥

The British Pound may have collapsed, but that is not going to stop me from travelling. It is a good thing that I have Tuesdays off work, and Tuesday happens to be the cheapest day to fly out of London. I managed to bag myself a £40 return flight to Cologne Germany.
Cologne's accessibility makes it a perfect destination for a day trip. You can reach the city centre from the airport within 15 minutes. So I hopped off my plane and straight on to the metro to Koln Hauptbahnhof (Cologne central station).

This pretty fountain was discovered behind cologne cathedral. The thing that I love about Cologne is that a lot of  the city's history is preserved. There are many areas that give you a mental picture of what everything looked like in the olden days. 

It is a 20 minute walk along the river from the cathedral to Lindt chocolate museum. I never actually realised that "Lindt Lindor" chocolates came from Germany. Before starting my tour of the museum, I decided to have a rest and sip on some hot chocolate in the museum cafe.

After filling my bag with chocolate from the museum gift shop, I took a 20 minute stroll to Hohenzollern love lock bridge. It's one of the most beautiful things things that I have ever seen. The whole bridge is covered in padlocks of different shapes, sizes, and colours.

My German adventures are not over yet. I will be in Frankfurt for a weekend in December, to see the infamous Christmas markets. Munich and Hamburg are also looking like possible day trips in the future.

        click here to check out my footage from Cologne

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