Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Remember September♥

Now that I'm a graduate, I figured that I might as well make some cash selling my old textbooks. So I have spent the month trying and failing to sell these books on gumtree. The money from these books could easily pay for a flight or a night in a hotel room. Travel is always on my mind...✈

So...I gave up going natural and ended up at the hairdressers to perm my hair straight. My natural hair was just too thick to manage, and I could not handle seeing the straight ends fall off as my hair grew. Oh well...at least I survived 8 months with no perm, that is an achievement right?

...and then I caught up with a friend who I had not seen in literally a year. We went for lunch at an Italian café. She got a lasagne and I got this gorgeous gnocchi covered in a creamy pesto sauce. Italy is definitely on my hit list for next summer.

Overall September has been an eye opening month for me. It feels weird to think that I will never sit in a lecture theatre ever again. I also just started my first proper job after graduating, which involves managing a mentoring project. It is a year contract until next summer, so I will probably seek employment in the tourism industry afterwards.

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