Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Things To Do In Ireland ♥

Visit the Carrick bridge in Northern Ireland. I would say that this is an activity for those who love physical activity, as it is a 20 minute hike uphill to reach the bridge. The queues to cross the bridge are very long but it is worth it. The view from the other side is also a bonus.

   any girl from the UK should have Penneys on their list, because it is Ireland's version of Primark. But it is much larger with three floors and even has a beauty salon inside, which is something you do not see in England.

oh yes...let's bring in the stereotypes. As someone from England, fish and chips is nothing new to me and does not have any sort of significance. But It is something that I would definitely reccomend trying in an Irish pub

Dublin seems to be home to many statues, and you can find them randomly located around the city. Something about this statue of Molly Malone stood out to me in particular. There seems to be more significance behind the statue, as it is not the usual statue of a man with a tophat (which can be found in practically every European city).

This appealing block of architecture behind me is the Titanic museum in Belfast. It is definitely a must on the to do list, as it is very interactive and you can learn a lot about what really happened on the ship.

Well the Irish are known for drinking and there are a ton of pubs located around the country. I tried this beer on my last day in Dublin whilst trying to kill time before my flight. This was in the temple bar area which is stereotypically a tourist trap, so the prices were a little higher. It is still definitely worth a visit for one night, especially if you are travelling in groups. Oh and don't forget to visit the Guinness Storehouse Museum, as you get a free pint of Guinness with your ticket and can pour it yourself.

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