Friday, 8 July 2016

Thailand Facemask Haul ♥

My first experience with sheet facemasks was in Paris. I bought them from Sephora and have longed for them ever since. These masks are very common in East/South East Asia, so mask hunting was my top priority when the plane touched down in Bangkok. This is a display of some of the masks I purchased...
Watsons is definitely the cheapest place to get your hands on sheet masks in Thailand. I'm curious about how the "red wine" mask will actually smell...and I wonder if the "black pearl" mask is black?.  
Okay so I have a feeling that this brand could have the highest quality of face masks. This judgement is purely based on the packaging (which is so naive)...but oh well. I like the sound of the relaxing flavours they have such as "cucumber essence", so i'm saving these masks until last. 

I have already tried the green one and it was excellent. The material of the mask was thick and it was tight fitting. It also smelt like aloe vera which was refreshing. This mask was way better than any Sephora mask that I have tried. I remember trying the "ginseng" sheet mask by Sephora and the smell was so bad that I took it off within 5 minutes.  

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