Saturday, 16 July 2016

36 Hours In Kosovo ♥

If you are a follower of my YouTube channel then you may be aware that I spent a week in the Balkans (South Eastern Europe). I went with a friend from uni and the last country which we visited was Kosovo. We stayed in Prstina which is the capital city. 

We arrived in Kosovo at 5am, after an eight hour journey on a night bus from Montenegro. After a 6 hour nap in the hotel we woke up and decided that we want to try some local cuisine. So we ended up at this beautiful cultural restaurant called "Liburnia". There were beautiful plants and flowers everywhere, they were even hanging from the ceiling. Food is dirt cheap in Eastern/Southern Europe so I got this glass of wine for 1.50. 

After filling our bellies with food we decided to roam around the city. Pristina is very small and you can literally walk from one end to the other within 40 minutes. I came across this mosque and decided to snap a photo. I really wanted to go inside but I was clearly not dressed modestly enough to do so. I like the way that you do not really feel religious tension in Kosovo. Maybe it does exist but I certainly did not feel it. Sometimes you will see a Church metres away from a Mosque. 

So the next morning we were amazed by this beautiful breakfast that was freshly prepared in front of us. When the hotel cook asked us if we wanted omelet, I assumed that we would just get some egg slapped down on a plate. Kosovo definitely impressed us in terms of the southern hospitality. The country is located in South East Europe, so I was always amazed to see elements of both Southern European and Eastern European culture mixed together. For example in the cuisine you will commonly find pizza, red wine, and olives, which is very common in Southern Europe. However you will also find ham, sausages, and beef stews which are more common in Eastern Europe. 

There are not many attractions in Kosovo as it is a new & small country, but there is a lot of history behind it. We found this historical monument, and I am guessing that it symbolises the country's independence from Serbia. (I gathered that there is a lot of tensions between Serbia and the rest of the Balkan countries). Apparently it is almost impossible to travel between Serbia and Kosovo, and I do not think that there are currently any flights between the two countries. 

We discovered this blue coloured fanta in Pristina. The flavour is lemon and edelflower and it tastes so amazing. This picture was taken in the airport on the way back to London. We decided to order spaghetti bolognese and my friend saw the blue fanta sitting in the fridge. 

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Friday, 8 July 2016

Thailand Facemask Haul ♥

My first experience with sheet facemasks was in Paris. I bought them from Sephora and have longed for them ever since. These masks are very common in East/South East Asia, so mask hunting was my top priority when the plane touched down in Bangkok. This is a display of some of the masks I purchased...
Watsons is definitely the cheapest place to get your hands on sheet masks in Thailand. I'm curious about how the "red wine" mask will actually smell...and I wonder if the "black pearl" mask is black?.  
Okay so I have a feeling that this brand could have the highest quality of face masks. This judgement is purely based on the packaging (which is so naive)...but oh well. I like the sound of the relaxing flavours they have such as "cucumber essence", so i'm saving these masks until last. 

I have already tried the green one and it was excellent. The material of the mask was thick and it was tight fitting. It also smelt like aloe vera which was refreshing. This mask was way better than any Sephora mask that I have tried. I remember trying the "ginseng" sheet mask by Sephora and the smell was so bad that I took it off within 5 minutes.  

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