Friday, 10 June 2016

Northern Thailand: Photo Diary ♥

During my volunteer programme we went on a three day home stay, to teach English  to Buddhist monks in a temple. We were always given top notch hospitality and care when we were at the temple, and the staff were very friendly. This is a picture of a lunch that we were served on the second day. It consisted of chicken feet and pigs blood you can imagine that some of us western volunteers were reluctant to eat it. 

I visited Wat Rong Khun (the white temple), which is arguably the most famous attraction in Chiang Rai. It was absolutely beautiful and I don't think that you can find anything like it. There were many evil symbols everywhere such as the hands from hell (which you can see in the picture), and heads on pitchforks. You have to dress conservatively in temples so I opted for an orange midi dress and wrapped a leopard print scarf around my shoulders. 

I was fortunate enough to be in Thailand during "Vesak" (Buddha Day), which is probably the most religious day of the year for Buddhists. The volunteer company arranged for us to go and see the rituals in a temple. People held candles and marched around the temple in circles, whilst a religious chant was played on loudspeaker in the background.

This is a random snap of the volunteer accommodation...and yes we were literally in the middle of a jungle. To get to breakfast we had to walk past a little lake/pond, and there were chickens roaming around the place. Oh and we actually found a scorpion in our dorm... so we had to kill it before it killed us (don't judge me). I had a small operation to stop an infection on my foot so I had to wear a sock to protect my dressings for about a week. Trust me... there is no other way that I would be caught dead in a blue sock. 

This was on the way to visiting the golden triangle, we stopped at a coffee shop and ordered yogurt smoothies. I ordered a blueberry smoothie which was nice but way too big to finish, and nope that is not chicken in case you were wondering. It is a fried banana snack which tasted better than I expected. 


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