Friday, 8 April 2016

Reflections Of Oslo, Norway ♥

Hi Guys I just got back from Norway last night after spending 1 night in Oslo. It feels as though everybody is quick to praise holiday destinations, but nobody ever talks about their negative experiences. I will be brutally honest about why I disliked Oslo. 

I guess we never actually realise how much of an influence that local people play on your perceptions of a destination. I found people in Oslo to be extremely rude to say the least. The worst part was that I don't even think that it was maliciously motivated, it was as if it is completely normal to them. I stepped off the plane at Moss Rygge airport and conveniently ran into a coach that was headed towards Oslo central bus station (the Journey from Rygge Airport to Oslo is 1 hour). I asked the driver "can I please have a ticket to Oslo central?". Do you want to know what his response was?... He says "well of course you need a ticket it's not as if you are going to ride for free". Throughout my short time in Oslo I began to notice that local people appeared to have an arrogant, sarcastic, disrespectful attitude about them. At the airport when I was flying back to London, I saw many Norwegian men barging past women with luggage, and pushing in front of queues. I used to think that us British people were bad, but this is just something else. 

Norway is one of the richest countries in the world. Scandinavians have the best quality of life in Europe. However everything just appeared to be ridiculously overpriced. For my dinner on the first night I ordered two tapas and a glass of wine...It cost me 300 Krone. That is the equivalent of £30, which could cater to two main courses in London. A bar of chocolate in the shop was the equivalent of £4.50, and a beer from the local supermarket cost me £5.00. To be honest I would not have minded if the city had something to offer, but I felt it did not. I have been to Denmark and Switzerland which are equally as expensive. But the difference is that I enjoyed those countries despite the price, because the people were lovely and the attractions were interesting. 

Moving on to the attractions...or should I say lack of?. There was literally nothing interesting about this city. Okay lets not be too harsh, I did a cruise around the Oslo Fjords which was pretty nice. But apart from that everything was boring. I actually walked past the Royal palace without even considering to take a photo it was that bad. Everything in Oslo was just grey and gloomy...a bit like the personalities of the locals. 

I know that this was a very negative post, but I want to encourage people to be honest when they do not enjoy a destination. Maybe my experiences could have been different if I had gone in the summer,or as a group...but I highly doubt it. 

Leave a comment if you have ever been to Norway and let me know how your experience was...

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