Thursday, 31 March 2016

Final Year Of University: Thoughts And Feelings ♥

So I am finally in my last year of university. It's weird how time flies by when you study, the world is like a blur outside of constant coursework/exams. I feel like this year has been very different to the previous two years and it's a little bit daunting. The lectures really have structured it so that the pressure is on 100%. All final year modules (including optional ones) have deadlines for the same week. The professors are also reluctant to provide any sort of support, which is really strange. Last year it was okay to ask questions if you did not understand a topic. But this way, the lecturers are not interested in providing any sort of guidance. It's understandable in a sense because it is our final year and we are supposed to be completely independent in learning. But at the same time we need support now more than we ever have in our lives.

Starting the third year really has made me start to question my future as well. There are so many options, but there are also so many barriers. It's difficult because you feel as though you need to start applying for graduate jobs. But between exams, reports, dissertations, and presentations, you physically cannot find the time to log on to google and look. Yeah of course I have the time to log on to google....but google scholar that is, in search of journal articles to support an essay. I am going volunteering for 2 weeks in Thailand after my last exam to teach English. I just booked my flights a few days ago, so the buzz has kicked in. I have always wanted to make a difference to the life of the less fortunate, and I see volunteering as an opportunity to do so. When I come back I should be looking for full time or graduate jobs. I'm really not sure where I'm headed... It's all a bit of a shambles to be honest...

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