Friday, 5 February 2016

Food Tasting In Belgium ♥

So chocolates are one of the things that Belgium is famous for as we all know. Surprisingly it was not chocolate that I brought back on this trip. However the lovely piece of chocolate picture above was discovered on a food tour in Brussels. It is a champagne truffle, and tastes absolutely divine.    
Moving on to the good Now I always assumed it was Germany that was the most famous European city for beer. Clearly I was wrong?. Apparently Belgium has over 200 different flavours and brands of beer. I took advantage of this and brought back chocolate, coconut, cherry, and mango flavoured beer. The beers in Belgium are no joke in terms of strength as well, I was told the strongest beer is 12% which is basically like red wine right?. The top picture was taken at Bruges Beer museum, where you can buy tickets with the option of beer tasting afterwards. The bottom left picture was taken on a food tasting tour at a Belgian pub. The bottom right picture was taken on my first night in a restaurant.
And finally the food!. I seriously underrated Belgium before I got there, the food was amazing which is why I feel the need to create this blog post. Starting from the top left you can see a sugar dusted waffle which I tried on my food tour. It was okay I suppose, but not as nice as the waffle you can see in the bottom right picture. This one was perfectly warm, and covered in strawberries and cream. In the top right you see a traditional Belgian dish that looks like an Indian lamb curry. It is actually called "carbonnade a la flamande" and is a sort of beef stew. In the bottom left you can see another tradditional Belgian dish called "moules marinieres", which is basically mussels in a white wine sauce with onions and celery. 

check out my short vlog 
from Belgium:

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