Thursday, 14 January 2016

Travel Bucket List ♥

As a tourism management degree student you could imagine how much I love to travel. Last year I visited four countries, and I have flights for three countries already booked for 2016. So I compiled a travel bucket list of places I would like to visit, along with some which have already been ticked off... 

1.Visit a Christmas market in  Germany

2.Go shopping in New York

3.Visit Italy

4.Ride an elephant in Thailand

5.Wine tasting at a french vineyard

6.See the mountains in Nepal

7.Visit Dubai 

8.drink beer in Belgium

9.Try Tapas in Spain 

10.Ride a Camel in the Middle East

11.Visit a thermal bath in Hungary

12.See the pyramids in Egypt

13.Visit Japan

14.Eat olives in Greece

15.Visit the Eiffel Tower

16.See the Northern Lights

17.Visit Morocco

18.See a volcano in Hawaii

19.Visit New Zealand

20.Try Cheese in Holland


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