Friday, 1 January 2016

A Welsh winter break ♥

Well I just got back from a mini break in Cardiff. I went for about 3 days. I thought that because I enjoyed Scotland so much that Wales would be the same. Unfortunately it was definitely not. It rained heavily every day and there were not many attractions for us to see. So you can guess that we did not have the greatest time but it was not all terrible. It's good to try and look at the positive side of things, so I will be showing you the parts which we did enjoy....
We visited Cardiff's indoor market, and managed to get a decent deal on welsh cakes. We also got to see a demonstration of them being prepared.

strolling along St.Fagans walk. I was fascinated by this igloo looking object.
Dinner at Turtle Bay, which sells Caribbean cuisine. We had a chilli squid for starters, and Goat curry for the main course. As you can see I got to enjoy my cocktails, which I have been missing.
We visited Manor House. It was full of many beautiful designs, especially in the library.
Whilst at Cardiff Bay, we enjoyed Italian cuisine at Strada. The mushroom sauce on this chicken roast was a pure taste of heaven.

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