Sunday, 27 December 2015

Lush Bath Bomb Haul♥

So the boxing day sales started yesterday, and Lush was my first stop. They have a sale online and in store, with everything being 50% off. I generally love Lush as they sell natural products, but that does come at a cost. So I took advantage and picked up a load of things. 

For this post I will be focusing on the bath bombs...

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb
It smells sort of herbal like lavender (which is featured in the ingredients). It also looks pretty, I could imagine how colourful your bath would look with his. So it also contains mandarin oil, ylang ylang oil and bergamot oil.
Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb
Looks perfect for a winter evening dip. This will definitely be saved for a soak after a Thursday 6pm lecture. It smells like caramel and honey mixed together...if that makes sense?
Humbug Bubble Bar
now this is a bit of a strange one, it does not smell how it looks. It looks like it would have a grape/berry kind of smell. But the smell reminds me of Chinese chow mein (which I love). According to Lush it contains Tarragon and Fennel, so that may explain it.
Cinders Bath Bomb
This looks like something I want to eat...seriously. It looks like a passion fruit ice-cream which I had in Switzerland. So this bath bomb smells spicy, and contains cinnamon oil, orange oil, and almond oil.

I also did a video showing some other Lush here to have a look.

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