Friday, 23 October 2015

The Joys Of Autumn♥

Oh how I love Autumn. The leaves take on a citrus colour, and eventually turn to crisp and fall off. That refreshing feeling of nature when you can hear the birds chirping in the morning. When you leave your house at the start of the day, and you see a squirrel rummaging for nuts through the crisp orange leaves. You can enjoy a pumpkin latte next to the radiator, as you watch the raindrops trickle down the blissful silence.

I love the feeling of keeping your toes curled up in Primark fluffy socks. Sucking in the warmth of knitted sweaters and cashmere scarves, as you patiently wait at the bus stop. Most people in London despise autumn, as it signals the future arrival of icy winds and frostbitten fingers. But not me...I love it. Autumn in Europe is quite a significant season. The preparation for Christmas begins with sales. The cities transform in to a magical sort of land. With different colours of tinsel glistening in every shop window. The smell of ginger and cinnamon, as seasonal menu's return for the run up to Christmas. You can get a candle in so many pretty flavours. On my recent trip to Paris I smelt a spiced apple candle, and it was divine. I guess every season has It's benefits but I love autumn the most...  

                Happy Autumn 


Sunday, 4 October 2015

How to dress like a Parisian ♥

So I just returned back to London from Paris this afternoon. I could not help but notice how chic the french women looked all the time. Parisians are certainly known for their style. They have an aura of glamorous elegance about them, and it is achieved with such little effort. So this post is going to give you a quick insight in to how easy it is to adopt the Parisian style. 

1.Neutral/dark colours in the wardrobe
Parisians women have a very basic wardrobe. The colours they wear consist of black, navy, khaki, grey, nude, and white. Toss any sparkles or joggers into the trash because its non negotiable in a french wardrobe. They like to wear things such as v-neck tees, blazers, shirts, cigarette pants, pointed heels. Don't worry it's not all that boring, the exception of lace and stripes occurs and adds a bit of oomph to an outfit. The Parisians like to dress professional with a touch of casual-ness to the outfit. For example a typical french outfit in the winter would consist of dark skinny jeans, knee high riding boots, a simple jumper, and a trench coat. It sounds very basic but the way they accessorize is what makes the outfit so chic. 

2. Minimise accessories (simplicity)
less is more in Paris when it comes to Accessories. The rule is that you should never have more than two pieces of accessories in an outfit. A simple scarf with a bangle will do, or even a statement necklace on it's own. Handbags are the main accessory of Parisian women, they will invest a lot of money in a a high quality posh looking bag. Large sunglasses are also used as a prominent accessory to give their casual dress sense a hint of class.  

         3. simple hair/makeup
makeup is important to every female regardless of nationality. Without it we just would not feel feminine right?. Parisian woman sport the natural makeup look and still look beautiful as hell. If you want to dress in a more Parisian way, then glitter or tangerine styled foundation is not the way to go. French women like to stick to a very "plain but flawless" style of cosmetics. The picture above should give you an idea of what would be in French woman's makeup bag. All you need is a simple blusher to highlight your face, with some rich coloured lipstick to spice up the look. 

this is to give you an idea of typical seasonal Parisian outfits.

            ...Thankyou for reading :)

                    llondon Leopard


Thursday, 1 October 2015

Snippets Of London Fashion Week 2015 ♥

London Fashion Week is something which I became interested in about a year ago. I do sometimes like to update my wardrobe every now and again, but I'm not particularly a fashion conscious person. I feel that you can make anything look chic, as long as you add a couple of bold statement accessories. So I went to London Fashion weekend on Friday 25th September 2015. I went with a Luxe ticket, as I figured that it is better to splash out and gain the full experience as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity...

    ...So upon arriving at the venue the first place I headed to was the Luxe Lounge. As a Luxe ticket holder there were many perks, and as you can see unlimited Champagne was one of them. So I took a seat and sipped on a couple of glasses, whilst enjoying the cute little canapes that were being handed out. We were also given a gift bag full of amazing freebies.

...there were many little clothing racks and displays set up. Lots of designer items were available at a cheaper price. Most of the pieces that I saw were unique, like these shoes pictured below.

and of course the models...

I love catwalk shows, and have always wanted to see one. As a Luxe ticket holder I got a front row seat to a trend catwalk show. It was nice seeing the models prance around on the catwalk with their heads held high. I filmed my whole experience at London Fashion Week including the catwalk, which can be viewed by clicking below:

llondon leopard

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