Thursday, 10 September 2015

Bootea detox tea review ♥

Okay so this bootea detox tea has been the rave of instagram for a long while now, so I am quite late with this review. After around three months of seeing it everywhere I decided to pop in to my local Holland & Barrett and give it a try. I did not buy this product with the intentions of trying to lose weight, but to help "clean/cleanse" my insides. I am just going to briefly provide my honest opinion, but please take in to account that everybody probably has different experiences with this product. 

There is an option of two different bootea detoxes which you can get. There is a 14 day detox, and the 28 day detox which is the one that I purchased. The difference is that the 14 day detox comes with loose tea leaf and the 28 day detox comes in pyramid shaped tea bags. The tea claims to help boost your metabolism, and remove toxins from your body. The daytime tea is suppose to boost your metabolism so that you do not feel hungry as much. The bedtime cleanse is supposed to be taken at night before you sleep and takes 8 hours work. 

well honestly I would give it a 3 out of 10. I try to be honest and as unbiased as possible in my reviews but yeah this tea is not for me. I even tried it twice that is how bad it was for me. First of all it smells like feet. You know that smell of a guys socks that have not been changed in like a week?...yeah that is how this tea smells. The taste is a bit strange but it is nothing terrible to be honest. The main problem I had with this tea is the cramps that it gives. Bootea website does warn that cramps are one of the side affects. However this was a lot more than cramps it was as though something was ripping out my insides. The first time this happened I was at work and serving on the quick movements to the bathroom had to be made. This also happened about 15 hours after I drank the bedtime detox (which claims it should take roughly 8 hours). Anyway I mistook it for food poisoning and left the tea alone for a couple of weeks. 

So after rekindling my fascination with the tea again, you can guess what happened?. around 20 hours after taking the bedtime cleanse I had these heart ripping cramps again and rushed to the toilet. The cramps lasted for another half an hour after I had done my "business". I realised finally that it must be the tea causing this. With the daytime detox I started having urine retention problems, and I kept struggling to pee even though the feeling was there. I also mistook this for having a bladder infection or cystitis, but it stopped as soon as the tea drinking stopped. I just feel like this tea is a load of "shehht" and has always left me feeling sick. It did not help with the bloating one bit. I must sound like a psycho drama queen right now but this is 100% true. To cut a long story should all just eat cake for breakfast

have you ever tried a detox tea?

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