Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Rituals home and body cosmetics ♥

Rituals is one of the few brands that I am happy to over indulge in, and the price tag becomes pretty much irrelevant. They sell things such as candles, creams, shampoos, diffusers. But they stand out because their products display a connotation of a sort of upper class oriental theme. I love the aroma of their spicy floral scents, and the welcoming entrance to the store with free samples of freshly brewed green tea. 

I have recently come in to contact with rituals more than usual as you can see from my purchases below...
Organic Mandarin & Mint Hand wash
Organic Mandarin & Mint Hand wash
As a female living in a cold country, I've acknowledged that hand wash is important. It is something that is overlooked and people assume that you can wash your hands with anything as long as it cleans the dirt off. Well a bad hand wash can actually contribute to chapped crusty hands. To be honest the ingredients in this hand wash are not the greatest as it contains sulfates which actually strip the hair and skin of oils. So I guess it is something to be used occasionally. What makes it nice is the smell and feeling it brings. It starts off smelling like citrus, and as you continue to rub you start to smell the mint coming out. Your hands are left feeling tingly for a few minutes which is pretty refreshing.   

(from top) Qi stress relief serum, free SPF 30 sun cream sample,  nail polish corrector pen. 

                  Qi stress relief serum
I picked this up as I think that I'm gonna need it, as my final year of university will be commencing in a few months. This is a roll on balm that comes in a green tube. I like the idea as you can rub it anywhere that you want, although the directions recommend the temple area. It has a minty scent mixed with spicy chai tea, and of course leaves a tingly feeling which is supposed to stimulate a relaxed feeling. I guess it does work but the tingly feeling does not last long as it dries out. It would be a lot better if it had an oily consistency, as it would last longer. 

           Nail Polish Corrector Pen
this thing is amazing, especially for someone as clumsy as me(I don't know how I haven't been sacked as a waitress). It is connected to a small brush which releases oily liquid. You literally just brush over the bits of nail polish that you may have smudged on your skin. I know some people may think the cotton bud with nail polish remover is just as effective, but this is a cool alternative.       


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