Saturday, 22 August 2015

Bad beauty habits ♥

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♥ Keeping beauty products for long. This is so bad because i'm pretty sure the makeup becomes decayed or crawling with bacteria. 

♥ forgetting to use a heat protector on hair. Girls don't realise how much damage straighteners can actually cause. Protect your hair!

♥ Not washing makeup brushes enough. You need to be washing your makeup brushes at least once or twice a month...they do actually collect bacteria which you are then spreading to your face.

♥ peeling nail polish off. This is not the end of the world, and i'm sure we all do it. However walking around with half chipped nails can make you look a bit sloppy and untidy. 

♥ Biting dead skin off lips. This is probably the biggest guilty pleasure of mine, and it needs to stop. Drinking a lot of water and investing in a good quality lip balm is the solution girls. 

♥ picking mascara off eyelashes. This is actually bad because sometimes you can actually pick your poor eyelashes out :(. Mascara is already bad for your eyelashes as it is, because of it's hard consistency and lack of moisture. 

♥ Not getting trims. We all want long locks but you have to get rid of the split ends that form in order to retain length. If you don't trust the hair dressers then use the "search and destroy" method yourself every couple of weeks. 

♥ touching spots and pimples. I hate spots, but luckily only get them around a certain "time of the month". Touching spots could irritate them and make it worse, by spreading the bacteria from your hands. 

♥ sleeping with makeup on. Most girls are probably guilty of this one to be honest. What they don't realise is that this is an actual cause of spots. Your skin needs to breathe, and your pores need to be free of foundation/powder during the night. 

   what are some of your bad beauty habits?

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