Sunday, 5 July 2015

Models Own: Perfect Summer Nails ♥

Summertime is a beautiful time of year. All the bright colours come out and there are so many ways to express yourself. Obviously as girls we love to accessorize at any opportunity, and nail polish is one of the easiest ways. Models Own hyper-gel range have a great range of summer friendly nail polishes. Unlike many other brands the nail polishes are actually very shiny as advertised. 

There are many beautiful pastel and bold colours, such as the rich turquoise pictured above. I used it to do a cute polka dot design, and have received many compliments at work for it...(even from male customers).  These colours go well with all kinds of skin tones, and especially with a tan. Anyway enough for today. I just wanted to share this range of good summer nail polishes with you ☺. If you haven't already tried this brand it may be something worth giving a go. Oh and they have a deal of 5 products for £20/£25.  

                   London Leopard 


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