Friday, 31 July 2015

Mini Memoirs of Scotland ♥

I have just got back from Edinburgh, Scotland on a mini break. It was a 5-6 hour train journey from London which did not go as slow as we thought. I really enjoyed the trip and will probably visit Scotland again in the future. It's a shame that the weather was bad, so I did not get the chance to take many good pics.

            Here are a few snaps from my trip ...

North Queensferry 
This picture is from the last day. We took a little trip on the train to a village in North Queensferry.
After visiting the aquarium we discovered a path that led to this beautiful coastal area. The scenery was beautiful and made a change from city buildings in Edinburgh.

Noodle 'N' Ice
we stopped off for a lunchtime snack after visiting Carlton Hill. We went to a Thai noodle bar which was called Noodle 'N' Ice. It was pretty weird because they were selling Thai street food, but had some sort of ice cream parlour in the restaurant. Anyway I got this juicy looking chicken satay skewer as a starter.  

Scottish Culture
after visiting Edinburgh Castle we came across this chap on the way out. He was dressed in traditional Scottish attire with the tartan kilt. Don't you just love tartan? I actually went straight to the gift shop after this photo, to buy a blue lambswool tartan scarf.  

                                             Beautiful Architecture
The highlight of the trip was probably the architecture, it was legit amazing. London has nothing on me. Every street has a little archway style alley way with cobble stone pavements. It's looks more like a hidden passage than an alley way. Edinburgh kind of reminded me of the Victorian times, in a nice cultural way. I think I'll come back to Scotland but to visit a different city next time. 

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