Sunday, 26 July 2015

life working as an events waitress ♥

I have been employed as an events waitress for about a month now. I have probably worked around six shifts at this point. This line of work certainly was not anything that I imagined it to be and has been kind of interesting. You would imagine that working as a waitress at an event would mean extra stress in a fast paced environment, but this is not the case. Don't get me wrong there are times when the managers will hound you to serve faster but you know what they say (simply take it in one ear...and out the other). I've had the privilege of seeing things that most normal people would not get to. I have worked at a wedding reception in a mansion that had a swimming pool, and worked at Kensington Palace last week. 


             ♥ you see things you would not normally see

             ♥ gain entrance to exclusive events 

             ♥  uniform (sometimes get to wear a tuxedo)

             ♥ the day does not drag on like retail

As with every job there are cons as well. Being expected to carry five heavy duty plates on your arm is one of them. The company does not acknowledge that females are not Popeye. Okay the plates are not that big of a deal but carrying three large tables each really is. There is not a drop of remorse when it comes to heavy lifting trust me. The seasonality of the work is also another problem. I guess most of the work available occurs during June,July, August, and December. That is perfect timing for students like me who just want casual work. But then there is the issue of discrimination which does occur in the modern day. It's all fun and games until half of your booked shifts get cancelled and the other half have your role being switched to a reserve. Then after investigation you come to realise that the older staff, get priority for shifts.

heavy lifting for females

long hours without food

seasonality in the job


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