Sunday, 7 June 2015

Switzerland photo diary: Part 2 ✈

So the first photo diary showed images from Switzerland. However we did visit a couple of French towns during the trip. This included Annecy and Haute-Savoie. It was actually a coincidence that we ended up in Haute-Savoie. We thought that it was part of Geneva until we tried to pay for a cable car ride in Swiss Francs and the man said "10 Euros"...awkward.

Snapping photos of the breathtaking scenery in Annecy. I did not realise it would actually be so hot with temperatures hitting 28 degrees. With London being full of  rain and wind (even in May/June) this was a shocker. My poor stick legs were burning 

enjoying a mango colada cocktail by the canal in Annecy. This is where I realised how significantly cheaper most european countries are compared to Switzerland.

We got to the top of Mount 
Salève in a 5 minute cable car ride. This was the main thing I was looking forward to the whole trip. The views were amazing, and we also witnessed people parachuting off the mountain.

There was a restaurant at the top of Mount Salève. As it was our last day, we figured that it would be better to enjoy a proper meal with views. This was fish with croutons, veg, and chips. 

So that is the end of my Switzerland photo diary. The trip has really inspired me to try solo travel. As a university student I've realised that it's better to travel whilst you're young and studying. I think I will be travelling solo to Paris and Belgium in the Christmas holidays...

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  1. Que lugar lindo, adorei as fotos


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