Friday, 5 June 2015

Switzerland Photo Diary: Part 1 ✈

Well I just returned last night from my 4 night stay in Geneva. It was a beautiful trip and I can honestly say it is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe that I have visited so far. It is not just because of the scenery, but the attitude and etiquette that the local people displayed. I visited both France and Switzerland during this trip as they have an open border. This part of the photo diary will focus on the Swiss areas of the trip.  

Sightseeing and taking photos with statues and monuments. I guess I am very cultural when it comes to travelling. I like to explore the local heritage of a country and try to engage with the local culture.
Trying Swiss food in a traditional restaurant. This is cheese fondue which we tried at the famous Edelweiss restaurant Geneva. Cheese Fondue is a melted cheese sauce which is boiled. It is eaten with small bits of bread which are dipped into the sauce.

 We also took a day trip to Zurich on the train. It was a three hour journey full of countryside views. This picture is from the Swiss National museum, which was our first stop in Zurich.

Well Switzerland is famous for it's chocolate right? So of course we spent some time hunting down chocolate shops for the best deals. I regret not buying these truffles in the picture.

A boat cruise on Lake Geneva. Well one of the main iconic features of Switzerland is it's many lakes. There was no way I was returning to England without a cruise on the lake. It was an hour long with a direct view of the Jet d'Eau.

Well I hope you enjoyed the little snaps of my trip. Part 2 will feature the French part of the trip.

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