Monday, 22 June 2015

Pink Inspirations ♥

When I was a child I used to be such a girly girl obsessed with barbies and anything pink. Then I grew out of it and actually began to despise the colour as a teenager. But recently I have actually become attracted to the colour and it's flourescent feminine style shades. I've been inspired by a lot of pink items recently as you can see below...

polaroid camera, micellar water, candle, nail polish, notebook, bodyshop cream, lunch box.

Ted Baker Lunchbox
I bought this within an Hour of Landing in Geneva. It's soooooo cute right? it has the infamous Ted Baker bow, with "let's do lunch" encrusted in gold writing. Well this sounds silly but it's visually stimulating enough to inspire me to pack lunches. The amount of money spent on food at uni and work is a bloody joke. 

Red Berry & Jasmine scented Candle
This candle is £2 from Primark. I was just having a random browse and it caught my eye. It smells just as sweet as it looks, and there are many other scents. I know candles are more for winter, but trust me they do come in handy if you want to watch a horror movie or have a late romantic night. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
Micellar water was something I discovered by accident in Superdrug. It's actually an excellent cleanser for the summer, because it's thin and lightweight. It makes a good makeup remover as well without the use of too much rubbing. Call me crazy but the bottle looks refreshing... and sometimes I feel like I just want to drink it. 

Bodyshop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream
This cream has been in my clutches for about two years. It's an excellent facial moisturiser and a little goes a long way. Oh and of course the fact that the cream is pink adds to it's appeal.

P.S Nail Polish
this is a Primark range which I've been hesitating to try. I used to have this same "hot pink" shade from Maybeline costing £8. So the lesson learned with cosmetics is that there is always a cheaper alternative.    


Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera
I've seen this Polaroid camera floating around the blogging community a lot. The film is really expensive but the instantly processed bite size images are original. 

this cute little pastel pink notebook has french writing on it. It's really strange, and has pages with all sorts of things. Some are rules pages for writing, some are plain, and some have....squares. But i'm sure that I will find a way to utilise it, because I genuinely like writing

                  Enjoy your day...

                  London Leopard


  1. Nice Inspirations

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  2. Meu sonho é ter um polaroid, acho uma fofura, e seu blog é tão delicado <3
    Shiny Unicorns

  3. I <3 pink. Nice post, nice inspiration. In fact, you inspiered me to wrote something like this. :)


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