Monday, 18 May 2015

May 2015...the story so far ♥

It's now May and approximately one year to go before I graduate. So that time has come where I have started thinking about working on things that I really want to achieve.

          1. started keeping a journal

I figured that it might be interesting to keep a record of how my life, thoughts, and behaviour changes over the years. I have kept a journal before when I was 16 but that has been locked away and never read since. So I just started a journal again at the beginning of this month and hopefully it will continue for another few years.

2. preparing for French language course
I've been thinking about learning French. It's not really a language that interests me. The only reason I want to learn it is because I want to move to Canada in the future and French is the country's main language along with English. Considering doing a distance learning course in French alongside the final year of my degree.

         3. working on hair growth
from ages 9-13 I had REALLY long hair. As in it was thick and down to my waist. But at that age I discovered hair straighteners and over used them. So obviously my hair got ruined and became short. Now it's shoulder length and I am trying to grow it long again. With no straighteners or blow dryers, Eggs for protein treatments, Co-washing with Tresemme  naturals conditioner, and trimming my split ends. To be honest the hairdressers always CUT instead of TRIM which has also prevented the physical appearance of hair growth. So I may as well just trim myself.  


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