Sunday, 24 May 2015

A Korean Dining Experience ♥

The waiting area ♥
Well I do love Chinese, Thai, and Japanese food, but Korean food has never really been something that I have taken notice of. But one of my South East Asian friends offered to introduce me to Korean food and so OF COURSE I said yes. We went to a place in central London called "Kimchee". 

Yang Yeum ♥
This is what we had for a starter. It is prawn in a sweet and sour sauce, wrapped in a prawn cracker. So cute right? I did not actually notice it was a prawn cracker until my friend told me. 

chicken udon ♥

For a main I had some noodles of course. It had a hint of seafood, vegetables,chicken and a sort of sweet soy sauce to compliment it. To be honest with you It did not taste as nice as it looks, I feel like the sauce kind of ruined it...but it was still okay. 

Bora Blue cocktail♥

This cocktail was blueberry flavoured and relatively...different to say the least. I think it is perfect for the summer when the weather is extremely hot. I was a bit sad that they only gave me one blueberry in there ☹.

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