Thursday, 23 April 2015

Go food shopping with me ♥

It's always fun to be a bit nosey and see what other people put their fridges. These posts are always simple but sweet when you see them on peoples blogs. This one is a taster of my food shopping experience this week. 

  1.some dolmio pasta sauce for the bolognese
    2. some spaghetti for the pastas/stirfrys  
3.some all purpose seasoning 
4.some tomatoes
5.some milk 
6. some salmon for the omega 3 
7.some Philadelphia to spice up that toast
8. maggi all purpose seasoning

and the finishing products include... 

9. mushrooms for my omelettes
         10. Mince lamb for a bolognese or curry 
          11. and an oriental addition of green tea 


                  London Leopard


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