Friday, 3 April 2015

cocktails ♥

I'm not really a fan of alcohol it makes me feel a bit sick, and is terrible for health. So for that reason I've taken an obsession with cocktails as they tend to be a lighter alcoholic beverage. So this is just a random post about my favourite cocktails consumed.

Some fruity cocktails by the beach in Barcelona, Spain (summer 2014)

caipirinha cocktail in a tapas restaurant, Spain (summer 2014)

very cherry berry cocktail, at a bar in Amsterdam 
               (summer 2014)

This one was called "rainbow something" it is by far the most visually appealing cocktail I've seen. Found this beauty in Malia, Greece during my fieldtrip.
(March 2015) 

The good old cosmopolitan, which I found in a cocktail bar at Sherington Hotel, London Heathrow

Long Island tea, also at Sherington hotel, London Heathrow


                                 London Leopard


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